Furry Fortune Update

From BOOK to MOVIE!!- I signed the book for One of the child stars who plays a character straight out of the book!!  Making a movie allows The  character to leap out of the page into a living scene!!
So blessed!!
Shooting continues on the set of Furry Fortune. Here are a few pics from behind the scenes with Mason Wells and Henry our star dog playing Nuzzles. 
Also our guest star Bas Rutten - MMA pro just abt to do his scene!
What a great guy too!
More later !!
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Today was great!  2 pics to share with you from behind the scenes:  The outfit as my character - the Aunt and an actual outdoor scene from the set with our star the dog- Nuzzles!! More later!

IMG_4298 (1)
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Henry Poster

 It's a much-needed family Friendly film about a dog that magically starts shedding money.  

Taken from the book I wrote several years ago, of the same name, about my dog, Hollywood liked the story so much that now they are making a movie out of it!!! 

Casting has been set and the movie starts shooting June 15th in Los Angeles!!  I even get to  

Play a supporting role in it too listed as Donna Morgana! 

The film features an award-winning Hollywood team led by Brad Wilson, who produced films for Robert Duvall for more than a decade. We know it will be great family entertainment for kids and adults of all ages.

Because the film is being financed by everyday people like all of us, you can actually own part of the film, its merchandising and any profits, and have your name (and your pet's name!) in the credits.   

The producers have given more than 1,400 people just like all of us the chance to invest in the film for as little as $100 and own a piece of any profits.   

Go to and check it out.  Read all about the movie and how you can also be a part of making it happen! 

Lights. Camera. Action!  See you on the red carpet!