I Know There’s Angels


I have three specific angel involvements, but this story is the reason the “I Know There’s Angels” song was written.

The following is a true story.

One evening leaving a little late from work, the sun had gone down and dusk was starting.  Entering my old pick up truck, I was anxious to get going because during the day the area was not bad, but you didn’t want to be caught there after dark.

Getting into the truck, I started it up and upon doing so, I immediately smelled gas and knew it had flooded like it does every so often.  I turned the key again but the smell of gas was getting stronger and stronger.  I knew the only solution was to wait it out until the gas had settled down and I could hopefully start it in a few minutes.

The longer I waited, the darker it was getting, and I knew that I needed to get out of there soon.  Sitting there, I knew the truck needed repair since it had no A/C and the door locks did not work so I was kind of like a sitting duck.  No protection from the outside and stuck!

After about fifteen minutes, I tried to start the truck again and it still flooded out.  How exasperating!  By now it was dark, and I was all alone in a huge parking lot in the middle of a major metroplex.  Very upset I put my head on the steering wheel and said, “Oh Lord, what am I to do?   Please help me.”

Abruptly the driver door flew open and this man in a blue jean jacket put his hand on the accelerator pedal and looked up at me and said, “Ok crank it.”  Being so startled my reflexes took over and I did what he said and to my delight the truck  instantly started!  The smell of gas had totally disappeared also.  I was so amazed!  Just as fast as it opened, I heard the truck door close and as I turned to tell this man thank you for getting the truck started, he was gone!  Nowhere to be seen!

Since this was a huge parking lot with no obstructions, it was impossible for me NOT to have seen him walking or driving off somewhere.  As a took a quick look around and not seeing him anywhere, I thought the best thing for me to do was to get going while the truck was cooperating.  I drove home and was so grateful for the knowledgeable Samaritan that came to my aid.

It wasn’t until I was telling the story to co-workers the next day that I realized, THAT WAS AN ANGEL THAT HELP ME!  How else could it be that someone with the EXACT knowledge I needed, at the EXACT time when I needed it and VANISH into thin air without any interaction immediately afterwards?

God heard my prayer, God answered my prayer and sent an Angel to help alleviate the problem.  Now that’s TRUE instant messaging before instant messaging ever was thought of!!

God gives us the tools to take care of ourselves and not be helpless but then there are times when Angels step in and help.

Yes, friends, there are Angels all around us every day, all day – They help you when you need it most. Say a prayer to thank God for the Angels around us and watching over you!

Donna Morgan,