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The Furry Fortune movie starts shooting next week! 

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  It's a much-needed family Friendly film about a dog that magically starts shedding money.  

Taken from the book I wrote several years ago, of the same name, about my dog, Hollywood liked the story so much that now they are making a movie out of it!!! 

Casting has been set and the movie starts shooting June 15th in Los Angeles!!  I even get to  

Play a supporting role in it too listed as Donna Morgana! 

The film features an award-winning Hollywood team led by Brad Wilson, who produced films for Robert Duvall for more than a decade. We know it will be great family entertainment for kids and adults of all ages.

Because the film is being financed by everyday people like all of us, you can actually own part of the film, its merchandising and any profits, and have your name (and your pet's name!) in the credits.   

The producers have given more than 1,400 people just like all of us the chance to invest in the film for as little as $100 and own a piece of any profits.   

Go to and check it out.  Read all about the movie and how you can also be a part of making it happen! 

Lights. Camera. Action!  See you on the red carpet! 


Special Thanks to DJs For The Airplay, Donna Morgan

06.01.2021 Cashbox Country Christian Chart-1HL
Walking Me Down The Road At #36 This Month, For Christian Voice  Country Magazine
Thank You DJ's For Playing Walking Me Down The Road,
06.01.2021 Christian Voice Country Christian Chart-1HL
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New Single Available



Donna Morgan was the 2020 Female Gold Cross Award Winner (Female Vocalist of The Year) at The 2020 ICGMA Awards on Dec. 4th 2020


golden-world-ICGMA Logo 3AA
Donna Morgan ICGMA Gold Cross Winner
Donna Morgan ICGMA Gold Cross Winner
 I am so proud to have won the 2020 Gold Cross Female Artist of the Year Award!
I am very honored and humbled.
 Thank you so much for all the votes from the members of the ICGMA!
A fabulous organization!!
                                                                     Donna Morgan
Children of a church wrote many encouraging messages on the sidewalk in the front of their church

Whoever wrote them sent out a love message of encouragement, and I wanted to share it with you all.


Donna Morgan | Gospel Music Artist, Movie Producer,
Donna Morgan | Gospel Music Artist, Movie Producer, & Actress,

Donna Morgan


People ask how did the movie thing start?

Singer - songwriter- performer of gospel music, Donna Morgan, has

Song promoter located in LA

Promoting her Gospel single releases on the west coast

  • after 2 years - started talking about & wrote a children’s book she wrote called ‘The Furry Fortune” (available on Amazon)

  • With promoter's background in movie industry, he read the story and loved it!

  • An award winning team was formed




People ask how did the movie thing start?

Singer - songwriter- performer of gospel music, Donna Morgan, has

Song promoter located in LA

Promoting her Gospel single releases on the west coast

  • after 2 years - started talking about & wrote a children’s book she wrote called ‘The Furry Fortune” (available on Amazon)

  • With promoter's background in movie industry, he read the story and loved it!

  • An award winning team was formed

  • Tune in Wednesday for the rest of the story!

The Furry Fortune POSTER
Hey all! 
 Thank you so much for your support and
concern regarding The Furry Fortune Movie.
We are on our way and have you guys to thank for making this happen!!
Stay with us because we will be starting pre production in January 2021
and I will keep you guys informed all the way!
Again thank you-  you have made a dream come true !!!
See you on the red carpet!!
Justin Ward
Justin Ward Movie Director

Excited to have such a Pro on the Team!

Meet the former Mick Jagger documentary director – Justin Ward -

who is the director for ‘The Furry Fortune” movie

Justin Ward began his career working in film development for Mick Jagger at Jagged Films, then went on to work under such talented directors as Robert Redford, Terrence Malick, Norman Jewison, James L. Brooks, Richard Donner, Ron Shelton and Jon Amiel.

For 12 years, Ward produced and directed over 300 hours of documentary, sports, culinary, music and travel series for such networks as CBS, NBC, NBC Sports, CBS Sports, Spike TV, FOX, Fox Sports Net, The NFL, Warner Bros., Disney, and The Travel Channel.

In 2011, Ward created, directed and executive produced the documentary film series "Rock Stars," on the National Geographic Channel.

Ward's debut feature film was "The Meanest Man In Texas," which he co-wrote and directed, and was accepted into 14 film festivals, with 31 nominations and won 21 awards. Including, Houston WorldFest's Gold Remi Award (past winners of the Gold Remi include Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Ang Lee, Ridley Scott, The Coen Brothers, Brian De Palma and Oliver Stone).

Ward also won Best First-Time Film Director at the American Movie Awards. The film was released in theaters in May of 2019, to three sold-out venues, and is currently available on Amazon Prime.

Ward's second feature film, "Relish," which he wrote, directed and produced, has already won 27 awards, including Best Feature Film and Best Original Screenplay at the Madrid International Film Festival, Best Drama Feature at the Burbank International Film Festival, and won Best Music, Best Original Song and Best Feature Film at the Palm Queen International Film Festival. In November 2019, the film was released to over 60 million homes On Demand and available on Amazon Prime.

The Furry Fortune Movie team was formed starting with the Producer, Brad Wilson!
Long time association with big stars such as Robert Duvall! Love Robert Duvall movies? Who doesn’t !! If you check out the credits of Lonesome Dove -

Brad Wilson's name is listed on the credits!

Talk about knowing the business! He was the momentum toward this idea to produce a family friendly movie!

Check out his credentials at:

Next time: We’ll talk about the Director and his impressive talent that he will provide to this Furry Fortune Movie team!

My moto is: Let a kid be a kid!! After all, they are only kids for a short time before they grow up and handle the responsibilities of life!

Brad Wilson

Family Friendly and Fun!!
Be part owner of a movie and ownership of your children’s entertainment!!

INVE$T Today!!

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The Furry Fortune POSTER
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Tree House ed

 Think about all the successful movies and TV shows that have had dogs as the star! Lassie, Benji, Old Yeller, Dog's Journey, Marley and Me, 101 Dalmations... and now you can help THE FURRY FORTUNE join this list!! It will be a Hollywood family film that provides wholesome entertainment with non-stop adventure that is sure to please all age groups - and aren't you ready for that?

To join me as an investor (for as little as $100!) go to When you invest today, you get 20% more shares as a bonus.

Watch the awesome video, take a look at the different levels of investments and pick the one which is best for you!

 Please support us so we can make a quality fun family movie and make entertainment a better place for our kids! Also, thank you for sharing this message with anyone you think might be interested in seeing their name in the credits of a real Hollywood movie!

Donna Morgan


*** Be Part Of The Furry Family ***

Click Here For More Info:

 Have you always wanted to see your name and your dog's name in lights?  Your chance is coming soon!!Stay tuned for details for your turn at:

A once in a lifetime chance!!

Family Entertainment Coming Soon

Click Here For More Info:

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Live Concert Photo

 Gospel Music Artist Donna Morgan,

    An icon in Traditional Gospel Music, Donna is best known For her Gospel Hymn Recreations as well as her Original Gospel creations. Her youthful spirit reflects true joy in the Lord and Her heart for the stage captivates audiences. 

  • 2018 ICGMA Female Horizon Artist of the Year
    West Plains, MO
  • 2013 Best Female Vocalist Award
    34th Annual – Texoma’s Got Talent, Sherman, TX


Great concert with bands from Tennessee and Arkansas!

Donna Morgan

Dress Yourself With The Gospel

Branson Terry Music Awards

The Hottest New Cooking Show Around

ICGMA Awards Show

 So excited to be nominated for 2 awards for the upcoming 63rd Annual ICGMA event being held in West Plains, MO this July.  The 2 nominations are for the
Female Golden Cross Award, And Video of the Year for “ I’m Gonna Live Forever”
So honored to be nominated and being a part of the ICGMA family
Thank you to those who nominated me for these prestigious categories!

New Release "I Choose The Lord"

Family & Friends this  I'm releasing my new song with Canyon Creek Records "I Choose the Lord" on Tommy Smith's radio show on 104.1 FM or internet please tune in Sunday morning 8:00 - 9:00 CST follow me on
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